What can McDonald’s teach you about running a therapy business

“Would you like fries with that?” If you’ve ever been to McDonald’s, you probably noticed this iconic sentence every McDonald’s employee has been trained to ask at the checkout. This simple sentence makes McDonald’s millions every year and is a typical example of a sales technique called “upsell”.

Upsell is when you offer your clients something extra to buy just as they’re making their main purchase. Buyer psychology tells us it’s much easier to convince someone to buy more, once they’ve already opened up their wallet.

And it’s not just McDonald’s realm. A lot of companies use this technique every day. You probably noticed the last time you bought a mobile phone that as you were about to pay, the sales assistant asked you if you wanted to buy a case, screen protector or insurance.

Or if you’ve ever bought anything on Amazon, you’d have seen see a section “Customers who bought this also bought…”

So how can you apply upsell to your therapy business?

Your paying clients are the best source of leads and referrals. And what do most of them need now coming up to Christmas?


Gifts for in-laws, colleagues, neighbours… gifts for those people that are hard to buy for, and gift certificates are the perfect solution. Most people have presents sorted for their closest family members, but put off buying anything for other relatives and friends until the last minute, because they simply don’t know what to get them. And they probably don’t even realize they can buy a gift voucher for your services. So it’s up to you to ask “Oh and what about some gift certificates? Do you need any last minute presents?”

Ask this at the end of every appointment between now and Christmas, just as your clients are about to pay. You might help someone to cross a name of their “to-buy-for” list, make extra income before Christmas AND get a new client. Triple win.

I do realize this won’t be applicable to all therapists, especially psychotherapists, as getting a gift voucher for a psychotherapy might not be the best present, but those who provide services in body-related therapies (rather than mind-related) should not miss the opportunity of Christmas-related voucher sales.


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Olga Klofac

is the founder of MastermindTherapist.com, helping complementary health practitioners and holistic therapists get more clients with smart marketing.

  • Michelle

    Amazing! I love this idea. Thanks so much X

    1. Olga Klofac

      Thank you for your comment Michelle, glad you found it helpful 🙂

  • Deirdre

    Olga, this makes such sense & it’s just thinking outside the box with the added advantage of promoting your services. thank you

    1. Olga Klofac

      Thank you for your comment Deirdre!

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