Home visits or Clinic – What’s better?

The other day someone in my facebook group Business Success for Therapists asked a question: “Is it better to do massage out of a therapy room/clinic as opposed to home visits?”

It’s an interesting question, because no matter how you run your therapy business, you are always tempted to think that the grass is greener on the other side.

Here’s my view on it:

I honestly don’t think it’s important whether you do home visits or have a treatment room, you will find pros and cons to both of these scenarios. The crucial thing is to frame it in such a way that is beneficial for the client.

You will find some clients prefer to go out to get a massage and some prefer to have the therapist come to them, both of them have their own reasons for it, so whatever you do, you have to explain on your website why it’s a good thing for your clients.

If you do home visits, you could have a line on your website saying something like:

I understand how busy you are, and that’s why I provide my services in the comfort of your own home, without you having to travel to a clinic. I will bring everything I need, so you don’t have to worry about anything, and when your treatment is over, you can stay relaxed in the privacy of your home.

And if you do massage out of a therapy room, you can say something like:

All treatments take place in my tranquil and comfortable treatment room, which is fully equipped and designed with my clients in mind to make sure they feel calm and relaxed during their treatment. It’s a place where nobody disturbs your peace and nobody exists except for YOU. (You can also go into more details here and list everything your treatment room has – like private parking etc.)

Remember, don’t make this about you! Under no circumstances should you ever say to your clients “I don’t have my own clinic because there would be lots of overheads… you know, rent is expensive and that’s not to mention the heating bills… it’s just better for me if I travel to clients’ homes.” If you ever feel tempted to say something like this, STOP! Remember, this is not about you. Always focus on the benefits for your clients.

The point is, it’s not important whether you do home visits or have a treatment room, but you have to frame it in such a way that the clients can see the benefits of it and they’ll think “Ah, this therapist really gets me!”


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