How to show gratitude to your clients and fill up your January calendar

January can be a slow month for a lot of therapists. People are not exactly full of cash after Christmas holidays, and so you might be thinking “How do I attract more clients to my therapy practice in January?”

A great way to fill up your January calendar and show gratitude to your existing clients at the same time is to send them a personalised Thank you card in December, thanking them for their business in the past year, and offering them a discount if they book their next appointment in January.

Why does the discount have to be for January only?

To give them a sense of urgency to book. If you leave the date open, they will probably just put it off until later and then forget about it. You want to let them know that the discount is valid only for a short period of time, and is not for everybody – just for your loyal clients.

Make them feel special.

When you’re sending personalised Thank you cards to existing clients, there are some things you should pay attention to:

  1. Their name

Although you’re going to print a batch of Thank you cards with your business name and contact details on, there is something you should hand-write: their name on top of the card. There’s just something about seeing your own name written by hand by someone else that makes you feel special.

  1. Their address

You should also hand-write their address on the envelope. Think about it – when you get mail, you flip through the letters and mentally sort them in order of importance. Some envelopes you won’t even open (that one that has “To the householder” printed on always goes straight to recycling), some envelopes you put aside for opening later (hello bills!). But what envelope catches your attention and makes you open it first of all? Yes, you guessed it, the one that has your name and address hand-written. Why? Because it’s probably from a friend or someone close to you. You want to evoke that sense of excitement as your client opens your Thank you card.

Your turn now, go make and send Thank you cards to your clients and get your January calendar booked up!

Don’t have time to be creating Thank you cards from scratch?

No worries, just download these two templates for Thank you cards and a step-by-step video tutorial on how to customize them with your business details



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