upsell therapy business

What can McDonald’s teach you about running a therapy business

“Would you like fries with that?” If you’ve ever been to McDonald’s, you probably noticed this iconic sentence every McDonald’s employee has been trained to ask at the checkout. This simple sentence makes McDonald’s millions every year and is a typical example of a sales technique called “upsell”. Upsell is when you offer your clients


The first step in getting clients to believe in you is believing in yourself

How can you convince potential clients that you’re worth hiring if you don’t sound confident? Believe in the quality of the services you’re offering and be confident you can help people. When you’re having a bad day, read through your testimonials to remind yourself why your customers love you. Even if you’ve only improved one


Everyone is not your customer

Many therapists and healers spread themselves too thin by trying to attract “everyone” as their clients. That’s a big mistake because when you try to speak to everybody you end up being heard by nobody. When you’re crystal clear on who it is you like to work with most, you will subconsciously attract the right