9 Reasons you should never run your business from a personal facebook page

If you’re just starting out and want to create a Facebook presence for your holistic business, maybe you don’t know much about Facebook pages and think it doesn’t matter whether you create a business page or run your business from a personal page. So today I want to give you 9 reasons why you should always create a business page and never run your business from a personal Facebook profile.

  1. It’s unprofessional

You might think that people won’t mind, they’re your friends and they won’t even notice… but as you grow and get bigger, you’re trying to attract people that don’t know you, you’re not trying to attract your friends. And these people will look at your page and shake their heads. Simply because it screams “I’m unprofessional, I don’t know what I’m doing!”

  1. Your personal profile is limited to 5000 friends only

When you’re only starting out, you might think that’s a huge number and that you’ll never get to 5000, but you will. We all start from zero, but you’ll grow and one day you’ll get to 4999 and start thinking “What am I going to do next?” It’s very important that you always plan for the future.

  1. People will be reluctant to accept your friend request

If you run you business from a personal fb profile and start sending friend requests to strangers, don’t be surprised if they don’t accept your friend request or even block you. People don’t know you and if all you have on your fb profile is a business name and logo, they have no idea who’s behind that business name. Why would they jeopardise their privacy and give you access to their personal timeline (including photos of their kids and their personal details?). If you create a business page, they can “Like” your page and become your fans without giving you all-access-pass to their private life.

  1. You won’t reach more people with personal profile

I think some practitioners run their business from a personal fb profile because they hear that Facebook has been limiting the organic reach in the last few years and many businesses’ posts are not making it to their follower’s news feeds. They think they’ll outsmart the system if they add their followers as “friends” instead, and their followers will be able to see everything they post. But that’s not true.

Facebook algorithm works in the same way for personal profiles as it does for business profiles. If you don’t believe me, go through your friends list, click into each of your friends profiles and see what they’ve posted in the last week. How many of those posts did you see in your news feed? If you interact with a friend and click like or comment on their posts, you will see more of their posts in your news feed. But we all have friends on Facebook who we don’t really interact with (Former work colleague who you never really got on with? A co-student from a course who you haven’t spoken in 10 years?) and if you go to their profile, you’ll see that their posts actually don’t show in your news feed that much.

If you don’t interact with someone, Facebook will think you’re probably not that close with that person, so it won’t show you all their posts. So it works exactly the same as it does with a business page. If you run your business from a personal profile, you won’t reach all the people that are on your friends list.

  1. You can’t schedule posts

There is no ability to schedule posts on a personal profile, so every time you want to posts something, you’ll have to log into Facebook and you’ll probably get distracted (Hello cute kittens! Oh look what my neighbour was up to again!) and waste way more time than you would if you just logged on Monday morning and scheduled all your posts for the week. If you check your page insights, you’ll see what times your followers are online most, and you can then schedule your posts to post at that exact time – while you’re sitting in the cinema enjoying a date with your other half for example.

  1. You’ll miss out on reviews

You can’t turn reviews on with a personal profile and that’s a huge disadvantage. The reviews feature on business pages is great for getting testimonials and testimonials are vital if you want your business grow.

  1. You can’t advertise

If you’re only starting out, you might be thinking “Oh I don’t have any budget for advertising”, but Facebook ads are very cheap. It’s not like a newspaper where you have to pay 100 euro for quarter of a page and you’re not even sure who’s going to see that ad. With Facebook ads you can pay just a few euros/punds or dollars (depending on where you are) to boost your posts sometimes to reach a new audience. It’s very inexpensive and you can laser target the audience you want your ad shown to, so you’re not wasting money showing your ad to teachers for example if your target clients are firemen.

  1. You can’t see insights

A big disadvantage of running your business from a personal fb profile is you don’t have access to insights. You can’t see how many people actually see your posts. You might think “I have 500 people on my friends list, so if I post something then 500 people are going to see it.” As I explained above, that’s not what happens. But you don’t actually get the real numbers.

You won’t know which posts are working and which are not. If you post on your business page, you will see under every post how many people saw that post and how many people clicked on it. So if you watch your reach, you’ll know what gets the most engagement and you’ll post more of it in the future to get better engagement (because better engagement = bigger reach).

On your personal profile, you have no idea how many people see your posts, you don’t know what’s best to post because you don’t know which posts are clicked on and which ones are ignored. And your followers don’t necessarily have to click “Like” or comment on your post, but they might be interested and click on it which counts as engagement and signals to Facebook “This is interesting content, show it to more followers”.

The insights are not just about how many people saw which post, there is a whole lot of data about your audience and you can see when most of your fans are online, who they are, where they’re from and more.

  1. Facebook can shut you down

If none of the reasons I just gave you convinced you that it’s a good idea to do things right and create a business page, you should realize that Facebook can shut your page down because it’s against their rules to run business from a personal profile. And when that happens, you will lose everything – your followers, all your posts, everything. It’s just not worth the risk.


What to do if you’ve been running your business from a personal Facebook profile and want to set things right:

Good thing is that Facebook created a very simple migration process, so you can transfer your personal profile with all its data into a business page with literally one click.

Just click here and follow the instructions: http://www.Facebook.com/pages/create.php?migrate


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