5 Days to irresistible facebook page

5 Days to Irresistible Facebook Page

You might know this already, but there are a lot of things that determine the success of your Facebook page and how well it attracts the right people to your therapy business, engages them with your content and converts them into clients.

The way you write your posts, the quality of your pictures, your branding, the consistency of your posts, the clarity of your topic, how much of your personality you inject into your posts... all these things determine how successful your Facebook page will be.

I want you to make the best out of this fantastic marketing channel, and that's why I put together a 5-day challenge called 5 Days to Irresistible Facebook Page

By taking the Challenge and implementing the five daily steps and the bonus tasks, you'll start creating that connection with your followers that will lead them to become your clients.

Here are some of the things we'll cover:

- How to turn your cover photo into the best promotion tool

- One little known technique to get new followers for free

- How to increase your reach so your fans actually see what you post

and more...

Plus a BONUS lesson!

14 ideas for what to post on your Facebook page – if you post once a day and rotate these 14 types of posts twice a month, you’ll have a full month of original content. You’ll never be stuck about what to post again!


>> You can find the whole content of this Challenge in the Mastemind Therapist Hub <<

If you’re not a member of the Hub, you can purchase a year long access to the materials from this Challenge together with a BONUS lesson for just 9 euro (which is about 8 GBP / 10 USD depending on where you live).


Get a year long access to the Challenge + your BONUS lesson for just 9 euro

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